Madeleine Akrich

Sociologist, Research director | | Madeleine Akrich has devoted most of her work to the sociology of technology, and specifically to users. She has been seeking for further understanding of how innovators, designers and promoters of technical devices construct representations of targeted users and how,… More about »

Béatrice Cointe

Sociologist, CNRS Researcher | | Béatrice Cointe’s research explore the relations between environmental concerns and the organisation of the economy. Relying on the ethnography of science and the sociology of economics and markets, she focuses on the part played by economics and natural science. She… More about »

Jérôme Denis

Professor | | Jérôme Denis’ research focuses on two main objects: data labor and maintenance practices. Based on surveys conducted within companies in different sectors and public administrations, he seeks to understand what is at stake in data manufacturing operations and their relative invisibilization. In… More about »

Liliana Doganova

Researcher, Associate professor | | Liliana Doganova is an Associate Professor at the Centre de sociologie de l’innovation, Mines-ParisTech, PSL University. At the intersection of economic sociology and Science and Technology Studies, her work has focused on business models, the valorization of public research and markets for bio- and… More about »

Brice Laurent

Sociologist | | Brice Laurent’s research focuses on the relationships between innovation and democracy, and uses the theoretical approaches and empirical methods of Science and Technology Studies (STS). He has published books on emerging technologies and the democratic issues they raise (Democratic Experiments.… More about »

Alexandre Mallard

Sociologist, Senior researcher - Director of the CSI | | Alexandre Mallard’s research interest initially focused on the sociology of science and technology. After completing his thesis on the coordination of action through instruments, he spent a post-doctoral year at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in… More about »

Morgan Meyer

Sociologist, CNRS Research Director | | Morgan Meyer’s research focuses on the production of knowledge and technology outside or at the boundaries of scientific institutions. His research concentrates on three main topics: 1) participation and co-production of knowledge (natural history, do-it-yourself biology, open source agriculture), 2)… More about »

Fabian Muniesa

Sociologist - Research Director | | Fabian Muniesa is a research director (professor) at Mines ParisTech (the Ecole des Mines de Paris). Originally trained as a sociologist, he has developped expertise in fields such as science and technology studies, economic sociology, economic anthropology and organization studies.… More about »

David Pontille

Sociologist, CNRS researcher | | David Pontille’s research stands at the crossroad of science and technology studies, anthropology of writing, and ethnography of work. His work is organized into three topics: writing practices in different professional settings, the evaluation technologies of scientific research (authorship and attribution… More about »

Vololona Rabeharisoa

Sociologist - Professor | | Vololona Rabeharisoa is interested in the increasing involvement of civil society organizations in scientific and technical activities. She studies the transformative effects of this involvement on the modes of production and dissemination of knowledge, and on the forms of collective… More about »

Didier Torny

Senior Researcher, CNRS | | Didier Torny’s research works are at the crossroads of the sociology of mobilization, the sociology of law, public policies studies and science and technology studies. On risk and health issues,  his publications has underlined the role of alarm raisers in… More about »

Honorary members

Michel Callon

Engineer, Sociologist - Honorary member | | Michel Callon, Professor of sociology at the Ecole des Mines de Paris, Director of the Centre for the Sociology of Innovation from 1982 to 1994, and Chairman of the 4S (Society for Social Studies of Science) from 1998-1999, is one… More about »

Antoine Hennion

Sociologist - Honorary member | | Antoine Hennion joined the CSI in 1974 as a student at the École des Mines, with a research grant to study the record industry. Conducted under the supervision of Pierre Vignolle, the work focused on two small record companies, already… More about »

Bruno Latour

Sociologist - Honorary member | | Bruno Latour, born in 1947 in Beaune, Burgundy, was trained as a philosopher before studying anthropology in Côte d’Ivoire. His first book, Laboratory Life (1979), translated into six languages, applies ethnographic methods to describe the daily functioning of a Californian… More about »

Engineers and administrative staff

Catherine Lucas

CSI's administrative manager | | Catherine Lucas is the CSI’s administrative manager. More about »

Florence Paterson

Research Engineer | | Florence Paterson is a sociologist and research engineer at CSI-i3. Her main areas of interest are the sociology and anthropology of medicine and disability. She has conducted research on the ethics and distributive justice in action in the field of… More about »

Frédéric Vergnaud

CNRS Research Engineer | | Frédéric Vergnaud is a Research Engineer at the CNRS. He holds a double master’s degree in Sociology (University of Paris V Sorbonne) and in Computer Science (University of Marne-la-Vallée). He joined the Centre de Sociologie de l’Innovation in 2003. In… More about »

PhD candidates

Victoria Brun

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: The forms of valuation of research. Supervisor: David Pontille. More about »

Jean Danielou

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: No maps for these territories: The construction of a territory market. Analysis of Engie's Business to territories strategy. Supervisors: Jérôme Denis and Brice Laurent More about »

Abdoulaye Diaw

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: The construction of the contemporary bulk market in France. Study of the relations between the initiatives of the supply actors, the market devices, and the consumers’ practices. Supervisor: Alexandre Mallard This dissertation focuses on the construction of contemporary… More about »

Clément Foutrel

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: Financing strategies and practices for nature conservation. A study of the marine protected areas (MPAs) in the Mediterranean basin Supervisor: Fabian Muniesa Adopting both Science and Technology Studies (STS) and political anthropology perspectives, I study the different kinds… More about »

Clément Gasull

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: The social and technical setups of blockchains: innovation, valuation and controversies. Supervisor: Fabian Muniesa. The ambition of this thesis is to propose a sociological analysis of the in-the-making innovative process in which are engaging financial institutions, high-tech companies and many different actors. More about »

Jean Goizauskas

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: Building in raw earth and dry stone: a breakthrough innovation? Sociotechnical experiments around construction practices in the process of stabilization. Supervisor: Morgan Meyer More about »

Cornelius Heimstädt

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title : An app to combat plant pathology: Ethnography of an Indo-German digital agriculture project Supervisors: Didier Torny and Liliana Doganova Digital technologies are being promoted as a means to address some of the most pressing challenges currently faced… More about »

Mathilde Pellizzari

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: The Social Impact Bond Policy. Supervisors: Liliana Doganova and Fabian Muniesa. More about »

Léone-Alix Mazaud

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: What data for urban biodiversity ? Equiping architectural and urban design practice for more sensitivity to living beings. Supervisor: Jérôme Denis More about »

Allyson Pallisser

PhD Candidate | | hesis title: Retail as a producer of “street sense”: the objectification of the positive externalities of retail in the city. Supervisor: Alexandre Mallard More about »

Mathieu Rajaoba

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: Dataland. The politics of digital agriculture in France. Supervisor: Madeleine Akrich. Digital technologies are emerging in agriculture through research and innovation projects. These technologies are associated with the requirements of precision agriculture. More about »

Roman Solé-Pomies

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: Maintenance practices and infrastructure fragility in sparsely populated areas The reshaping of collective responsibility with regards to ageing of municipal roads in metropolitan France Supervisor: Jérôme Denis The thesis deals with the collective management of the fragility of… More about »

Carole-Anne Tisserand

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: How does the organization of participation bodies in the territory “of the future” perform its public? The construction of a smart territory and of a territory “of the future”, Île-de-France Supervisor: Brice Laurent In 2019, the Île-de-France Region… More about »


Nassima Abdelghafour

Post-doc | | In 2020, I defended a PhD thesis prepared at the CSI under the supervision of Vololona Rabeharisoa and Liliana Doganova. The thesis, entitled Micropolitics of poverty : how randomized controlled trials address global poverty through the epistemic and political fragmentation… More about »

Kewan Mertens

Marie Curie Postdoctoral research fellow | | Kewan joined the CSI as a postdoctoral researcher and Marie Curie Research Fellow (MSCA-IF) in December 2021. His interdisciplinary background provides him with an in-depth knowledge of environmental economics as well as geography and environmental sciences. He will be working… More about »

Roberta Rubino

Post-doc | | Post-doc project title: Territorial dynamics and mining activities. A study of bauxite mining and transportation projects in Guinea  I am currently a post-doctoral researcher in anthropology at the GeoRessources Laboratory of the University of Lorraine. I earned a PhD in… More about »

Associated researchers

Marie Alauzen

Associated researcher | | Marie Alauzen defended her doctoral thesis at the Center for the Sociology of Innovation (CSI), under the supervision of Fabian Muniesa, on October 18, 2019. Her doctoral work titled “Unfolding the Platform State. An inquiry into the modernization of French… More about »

Daniel Florentin

Associated researcher | | Daniel Florentin is a lecturer in environment and urban studies at Institut Supérieur d’Ingénierie et de Gestion de l’Environnement (ISIGE, Mines Paris Tech). His research interest for the past ten years has been in urban infrastructures, particularly urban water, energy… More about »

Pierre-André Juven

Associated researcher | | Pierre-André Juven olds a PhD in socioeconomics of innovation form the École des Mines de Paris. He conducted his thesis research at the CSI under the supervision of Vololona Rabeharisoa, and had his viva on October 7, 2014. Over the… More about »

Cécile Méadel

Associated researcher | | Cécile Méadel has devoted most of her work to the uses of communication technologies. Originally trained as an historian, she has focused on the genealogy of the media (radio, HDTV, computing) and especially the way in which designers, retailers and… More about »

Francesca Musiani

Associated researcher | | Francesca Musiani (PhD, socio-economics of innovation, MINES ParisTech, 2012), is Associate Research Professor at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) since 2014. She is Deputy Director of the Center for Internet and Society of CNRS, which she co-founded with… More about »

Alexandre Violle

Associated researcher | | My research interests lie at the crossroads of economic sociology, the anthropology of finance, political sociology and the sociology of science and technology. I have been studying in various fields how financial knowledge contributes to transforming the ways of doing… More about »

Invited researchers

Invited researchers archives

2021 HAKALA Niina (September-December), PhD Candidate, Department of Accounting, CBS-Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. TRIBILLON Justinien (January-July), PhD Candidate, Bartlett School of Planning, University College London, UK. 2020 MERTENS Kewan (September-December), Post-doc, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Leuven,… More about »

Kristin Asdal

Visiting professor | | Academic interests Kristin is professor of STS and her research focuses on the sociology of knowledge across economics and natural science and on how scientific expertise is partaking in democracy. Her key competence is on the politics of the environment,… More about »