Marie Alauzen

Associated researcher

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Marie Alauzen’s work interweaves social studies of science and technology, the sociology of the state and law, and the anthropology of writing and reading. Her publications analyze administrative technologies, which bring about a change in the way the state is experienced in society, and enable us to grasp contemporary digital transformations with tools that complement those associated with growing surveillance of populations or deepening inequalities of access.

She has investigated a variety of fields: from state reform (subject of her PhD thesis defended at CSI in 2019), to hospital accounting, controversies over the digital identification of citizens, and counter disinformation initiatives.

Marie Alauzen joined the CNRS in 2023, where, in collaboration with researchers in computer science and law, she is now exploring the computer alteration of law, i.e. the methods, embedded knowledge and effects of the translation of legal rules in programs used for almost 50 years in public administrations to calculate civil servants’ pay, establish the tax base or allocate beneficiaries’ social benefits.

At the CSI, along with Jérôme Denis, David Pontille and Didier Torny, Marie Alauzen contributes since 2017 to Scriptopolis, a research project in anthropology of writing. She also collaborates with several researchers at the Centre, including Alexandre Mallard, Fabian Muniesa and Alexandre Violle, on the sociological study of the State.