Invited researchers

Aline Boeuf

Visiting researcher - Doctoral Research Fellow at the Institute of Sociological Research (ISR) of the University of Geneva | | Title of the thesis: Studying care and monitoring objects in the context of ageing at home. Under the supervision of Cornelia Hummel (IRS, Université de Genève) and Madeleine Akrich (CSI, Mines Paris – PSL). My research interests focus on the… More about »

Peter Karnøe

Visiting scholar. Professor | Department of Planning, Aalborg University Copenhagen, DIST - Center For Design, Innovation, and Sustainable Transition. | | My long-standing interest in innovation has been driven by a question of ‘how agency and novelty of ideas,  concerns and technologies co-produce and stabilize their existence in dynamic sociotechnical agencements’. My perspectives have been STS and Science, Technology and Innovation.… More about »

Alexandra Kowalski

Visiting scholar. Central European University, Vienne | | Project 2023-24: “Following ANT: an intellectual history of Actor-Network Theory”.  The project is to research and write the intellectual genesis and international history of “actor-network theory” between the 1970s and the present. Alexandra Kowalski is currently a visiting scholar at… More about »

Invited researchers archives

Année 2024 BRONSON Kelly (April-May), Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Science and Society, University of Ottawa, Canada. 2023 MOMMERSTEEG Brett (May-July), Ph.D. candidate, Urban Anthropology – Stadtlabor for Multimodal Anthropology, Humboldt Universität, Berlin, Germany. ENGEN Stine (January-June), Doctoral… More about »