The deserters of AgroParisTech: beyond criticism

Morgan Meyer

A group of eight graduates of the engineering school AgroParisTech gave a notorious speech at their school’s last graduation ceremony. In their speech, they denounced the “destructive” jobs, the “social and ecological devastation” underway and the “war” on […]

Le citoyen-usager dans la co-conception urbaine

Retrouvez les podcasts de la journée d’étude interdisciplinaire i3 qui a eu lieu le 30 mars 2022 à Mines Paris : “Pourquoi, avec qui et comment concevoir ? Le citoyen-usager dans la co-conception urbaine” organisée par Carole-Anne Tisserand (CSI Mines Paris) et Aliénor Morvan (SES Télécom Paris).

European Objects

The Troubled Dreams of Harmonization

by Brice Laurent

How interventions based on objects—including chemicals, financial products, and consumer goods—offer a path to rethink European integration. […]

Experimenting in pandemic times

The Corona cycleways and the new contours of the cycling city

Jérôme Denis and Nolwenn Garnier

On May 13, 2020, the City of Paris announced the creation within a few weeks of cycleways to support the process of unlock-down after the first wave of the health crisis that had emptied the streets of the capital. In line with initiatives that had flourished all over the world, these lanes were already beginning to spread in a few cities in France, and were at the center of a regional policy designed to promote the modal shift […]