PhD Candidates

Hafid Ait Sidi Hammou

PhD Candidate | | Title of the thesis: The role of data in the sustainable maintenance of public networks. Supervisor: Jérôme Denis. As so-called "smart territories" projects have multiplied in recent years, data is becoming a public policy issue at the local level. This issue is particularly sensitive for a little-known field: the maintenance of networks (water or energy networks, for example). [...] More about »

Victoria Brun

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: The forms of valuation of research. Supervisor: David Pontille. Since the 1990s, there has been a succession of public policies encouraging the "valorisation of public research". This consists of opening up the use of research results to beneficiaries other than academic actors, by defending the merits of a "return to society" of tax-funded research. It benefits from dedicated services and funding schemes, presenting valorisation activities as career enhancement or civic involvement on the part of research staff. This thesis claims to define (in the double sense of delimiting and qualifying) valorization and to show how it is the result of a distributed work that redraws the boundaries of scientific activity. [...] More about »

Lauranne Chaignon

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: Scientific contribution and the making of evaluation: the case of highly cited researchers. Supervisor: David Pontille. More about »

Abdoulaye Diaw

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: The construction of the contemporary bulk market in France. Study of the relations between the initiatives of the supply actors, the market devices, and the consumers' practices. Supervisor: Alexandre Mallard. This dissertation focuses on the construction of contemporary bulk markets in France. The "contemporary" bulk buying and selling, breaking away from "traditional bulk", is being thought of and carried out today through new technical and technological devices. [...] More about »

Clément Foutrel

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: Financing strategies and practices for nature conservation. A study of the marine protected areas (MPAs) in the Mediterranean basin Supervisor: Fabian Muniesa Adopting both Science and Technology Studies (STS) and political anthropology perspectives, I study the different financing… More about »

Guillaume Louvet

PhD Candidate | | Title of the thesis: Investing for “mineral sovereignty”. France’s critical metals supply policies. Supervisers: Brice Laurent and Béatrice Cointe. More about »

Louison Magro

PhD Candidate | | Titre de la thèse : Creating a common label out of a collective production between State and activist mechanisms: Open Food Facts at the heart of the making of environmental labelling. Supervisors: Alexandre Mallard and Clément Marquet. More about »

Léone-Alix Mazaud

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: What data for urban biodiversity ? Equiping architectural and urban design practice for more sensitivity to living beings. Supervisor: Jérôme Denis More about »

Allyson Pallisser

PhD Candidate | | hesis title: Retail as a producer of “street sense”: the objectification of the positive externalities of retail in the city. Supervisor: Alexandre Mallard More about »

Guilhaum Panas

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: Digital platforms and access to agroequipments for Mexican family famers . Supervisors: Frédéric Goulet (CIRAD-UMR Innovation, Montpellier) and Liliana Doganova (CSI-I3). More about »

Orso Roger

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: Designing and managing the future: foresight practices as a strategic “dispositif” Supervisors: Liliana Doganova (thesis supervisor) and Benjamin Cabanes (maître de thèse) For several decades, organizations have been implementing foresight methods with the aim of integrating long-term considerations into their activities and strategies. In 2017, the Vinci Group launched the Leonard platform to conduct such foresight initiatives. This thesis proposes to investigate the practices within this platform in order to understand how future-oriented thinking influences the realms of economics and entrepreneurial life. [...] More about »

Solène Sarnowski

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: The digital accompaniment of people’s investigations aimed at the ecological transition Under the joint supervision of Jean-Samuel Beuscart (SES, Télécom-Paris) and David Pontille (CSI, Mines Paris-PSL). My thesis focuses on people’s ecological concerns and how they investigate to… More about »

Carole-Anne Tisserand

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: How does the organization of participation bodies in the territory “of the future” perform its public? The construction of a smart territory and of a territory “of the future”, Île-de-France Supervisor: Brice Laurent In 2019, the Île-de-France Region… More about »