PhD Candidates

Victoria Brun

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: The forms of valuation of research. Supervisor: David Pontille. More about »

Jean Danielou

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: No maps for these territories: The construction of a territory market. Analysis of Engie's Business to territories strategy. Supervisors: Jérôme Denis and Brice Laurent More about »

Abdoulaye Diaw

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: The construction of the contemporary bulk market in France. Study of the relations between the initiatives of the supply actors, the market devices, and the consumers’ practices. Supervisor: Alexandre Mallard This dissertation focuses on the construction of contemporary… More about »

Clément Foutrel

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: Financing strategies and practices for nature conservation. A study of the marine protected areas (MPAs) in the Mediterranean basin Supervisor: Fabian Muniesa Adopting both Science and Technology Studies (STS) and political anthropology perspectives, I study the different kinds… More about »

Clément Gasull

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: The social and technical setups of blockchains: innovation, valuation and controversies. Supervisor: Fabian Muniesa. The ambition of this thesis is to propose a sociological analysis of the in-the-making innovative process in which are engaging financial institutions, high-tech companies and many different actors. More about »

Jean Goizauskas

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: Building in raw earth and dry stone: a breakthrough innovation? Sociotechnical experiments around construction practices in the process of stabilization. Supervisor: Morgan Meyer More about »

Cornelius Heimstädt

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title : An app to combat plant pathology: Ethnography of an Indo-German digital agriculture project Supervisors: Didier Torny and Liliana Doganova Digital technologies are being promoted as a means to address some of the most pressing challenges currently faced… More about »

Mathilde Pellizzari

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: The Social Impact Bond Policy. Supervisors: Liliana Doganova and Fabian Muniesa. More about »

Léone-Alix Mazaud

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: What data for urban biodiversity ? Equiping architectural and urban design practice for more sensitivity to living beings. Supervisor: Jérôme Denis More about »

Allyson Pallisser

PhD Candidate | | hesis title: Retail as a producer of “street sense”: the objectification of the positive externalities of retail in the city. Supervisor: Alexandre Mallard More about »

Mathieu Rajaoba

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: Dataland. The politics of digital agriculture in France. Supervisor: Madeleine Akrich. Digital technologies are emerging in agriculture through research and innovation projects. These technologies are associated with the requirements of precision agriculture. More about »

Roman Solé-Pomies

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: Maintenance practices and infrastructure fragility in sparsely populated areas The reshaping of collective responsibility with regards to ageing of municipal roads in metropolitan France Supervisor: Jérôme Denis The thesis deals with the collective management of the fragility of… More about »

Carole-Anne Tisserand

PhD Candidate | | Thesis title: How does the organization of participation bodies in the territory “of the future” perform its public? The construction of a smart territory and of a territory “of the future”, Île-de-France Supervisor: Brice Laurent In 2019, the Île-de-France Region… More about »