Hafid Ait Sidi Hammou

PhD Candidate

  • Presentation

Title of the thesis: The role of data in the sustainable maintenance of public networks

Supervisor: Jérôme Denis

As so-called “smart territories” projects have multiplied in recent years, data is becoming a public policy issue at the local level. This issue is particularly sensitive for a little-known field: the maintenance of networks (water or energy networks, for example). All the more so since, like many countries, France is faced with a significant ageing of certain networks and tensions in the management of resources. Using a socio-technical approach and crossing studies on maintenance, data and infrastructures, the thesis aims to study network maintenance practices that highlight new data flows and uses.

This thesis is carried out under a CIFRE contract with the Fédération nationale des collectivités concédantes et régies (FNCCR) [the National Federation of Licensing Authorities].