Morgan Meyer

Sociologist, CNRS Research Director

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Morgan Meyer’s research focuses on the production of knowledge and technology outside or at the boundaries of scientific institutions. His research concentrates on three main topics: 1) participation and co-production of knowledge (natural history, do-it-yourself biology, open source agriculture), 2) new configurations and communities in biology (synthetic biology, gene editing), 3) intermediation, translation and representation of knowledge.

These topics are addressed through a threefold approach: capturing the materiality and spatiality of science by focusing on the places, textures, objects and boundaries of scientific practices; following emerging practices and disciplines, as well as objects in the making, or even controversial objects; problematizing the idea of “participatory” science and technology by examining the grammar and registers of action of participation: sharing, tinkering, circumventing, hacking, amaterializing, empowering, liberating…

Morgan Meyer holds a PhD in Sociology (University of Sheffield) and has been a lecturer at Agro ParisTech and a researcher at LISIS. He was a visiting professor at the University of Vienna (Department of Science and Technology Studies) and a visiting researcher at the University of Edinburgh (Genomics Forum).

He also mobilizes and valorises his work through expertise (for the OECD, CCNE, INRA), collaborations with museums (Medical Museion, Copenhagen; Science Museum, London; Deutsches Museum, Munich) and the writing of articles aimed at the general public (among others for the Lëtzebuerger Land).


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