Frédéric Vergnaud

CNRS Research Engineer

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Frédéric Vergnaud is a Research Engineer at the CNRS. He holds a double master’s degree in Sociology (University of Paris V Sorbonne) and in Computer Science (University of Marne-la-Vallée). He joined the Centre de Sociologie de l’Innovation in 2003.

In addition to his activities as IT manager of the CSI team and the i3 unit, and as a teacher in the “Description de Controverses” course for first-year students in the civil engineering cycle at Mines ParisTech, Frédéric Vergnaud concentrates his functions around the design and piloting of innovative research devices equipped with computer science and statistics.

In particular, he has developed 2 applications dedicated to the management, processing and analysis of electronic messages on the one hand, and to the extraction of structured data online (“scraping”) on the other hand. His two software packages, L@ME (developed in JAVA) and Extractify (developed in JavaScript), involved in a number of research projects requiring the production of empirical digital material, make it possible to circumvent the constraints of digital data massification and heterogeneity of web structure formats, and constitute a complete software chain for the extraction, formatting and management of conversational data from e-mail or the Internet.

Frédéric Vergnaud is also in charge of quantitative analysis methods on the research projects in which he participates and works on the storage and management tools for the data produced (Relational Database Management System on local or server), as well as on their statistical analysis (descriptive, multivariate or multidimensional analysis, lexicological and content analysis, mainly under R).

Frédéric Vergnaud is a member of the MATE-SHS business network.


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