CSI Guest Seminar Series

The CSI organizes an annual reading seminar aimed at exploring innovative research questions, approaches and topics based on the discussion with the authors of books recently published or in the course of publication. The guests in this seminar series are French and foreign researchers in human and social sciences (history, anthropology, law, sociology, political sciences, Science and Technology Studies…). The books are either written in French or English.
The Guest Seminar Series is organized collectively by the CSI PhD students. It is mainly intended for the researchers of the CSI. It is open upon registration to all interested persons.

Contact and registration: Léone-Alix Mazaud or Allyson Pallisser


Unless otherwise specified, the seminar meets on Tuesdays from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm (see program below). It is held at Mines Paris-PSL 60 boulevard St-Michel, 75006 Paris (rooms are detailed below).

2023-2024 Seminar Program

Tuesday 21 November 2023 – The session will be held by videoconference.

Kregg Hetherington, The Government of Beans. Regulating Life in the age of monocrops, Duke University Press, 2020.

Introduction to the discussion by Guilhaum Panas

Tuesday 12 December 2023 – Seminar postponed to a later date

Donald MacKenzie, Online Advertising, Materiality and Banal Political Economy. Reading: Donald MacKenzie, Koray Caliskan & Charlotte Rommerskirchen (2023). The longest second: Header bidding and the material politics of online advertising. Economy and Society, 52:3, 554-578.

Tuesday 23 January 2024 – Room L213

Michèle Dupré, Jean-Christophe Le Coze, Des usines, des matières et des hommes, Presses des mines, 2021.

Introduction to the discussion by Hafid Ait Sidi Hammou

Tuesday 26 March 2024 – Room Chevalier

Lucie Gerber, Le laboratoire des esprits animaux. Modéliser le trouble mental à l’ère de la psychopharmacologie, ‎ Éditions BHMS, 2022.

Introduction to the discussion by Léone-Alix Mazaud

Tuesday 30 April 2024 – Room Chevalier

Charlotte Brives, Face à l’antibiorésistance. Une écologie politique des microbes, Éditions Amsterdam, 2022.

Introduction to the discussion by Allyson Pallisser

Tuesday 28 May 2024 – Room L109. Exceptionally, the seminar will start at 2:00 pm.

Claire Flécher, A bord des géants des mers, La Découverte, 2023.

Introduction to the discussion by Guillaume Louvet


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