Seminars archives

Research Seminar: Change of scale – Change of nature (2022)

The generalist and interdisciplinary seminar "Change of scale - Change of nature" is organized by the CSI and the Eco-anthropology laboratory of the Natural History Museum by Léo Mariani (MNHN, Eco-anthropologie), Julien Blanc (MNHN, Eco-anthropologie), Brice Laurent (CNRS, CSI) and Jean Goizauskas (Mines Paris, CSI). Postulating that changes in scale (re)condition the nature of things as well as the observations made of them, this seminar intends to raise the issues of measurement and commensurability, of growth and degrowth. More about »

i3 Seminar Analysis of online participation (2017-2021)

The seminar APeL was organized by Valérie Beaudouin and Alexandre Mallard. The seminar aimed to develop current reflections about the use of digital data in the analysis of online practices and forms of participation. With the explosion of online communication, a richer and greater amount of information has become available to researchers to document practices in a variety of domains [...] More about »

EHESS Seminar Health & Big Data (2017-2021)

The seminar « Health and Big Data » is organized by Madeleine Akrich (École des Mines de Paris), Catherine Bourgain (CERMES3, INSERM), Éric Dagiral (Université Paris-Descartes), Emmanuel Didier (CMH – CNRS/ENS/EHESS), Christophe Prieur (Télécom Paristech). Recently, the field of health has seen the emergence of a large number of extremely diverse digital data, such as the now “open” health insurance databases (SNIIRAM), the new generation of genome sequencing data, the sensors allowing everyone to [...] More about »

Audio archives of the CSI Research Seminar – Maintaining/Supporting: fragility as a mode of existence (2017-2019)

Research Seminar organized by Jérôme Denis, Antoine Hennion, Anne-Sophie Haeringer and David Pontille. The seminar starts with one observation: the current proliferation of research that deals with care, or attention. These studies investigate the climate or Gaia, the art of repairing objects or conserving artworks, the maintenance of technical networks [...] More about »

Seminar Code Quantorg – Practices and Uses of Quantification within Organizations Archives (2017-2018)

Vincent-Arnaud Chappe (CSI-i3, CNRS, Mines ParisTech) Marion Gilles (ANACT, Centre Max Weber) Jean-Marie Pillon (IRISSO, Université Paris Dauphine) The aim if the seminar is to open a forum for reflection on the multiplicity of quantified objects currently proliferating in private,… More about »

Seminar Attachments – Pragmatism and Social Sciences archives (2008-2017)

Le séminaire « Attachements » s’est tenu au CSI sous la direction d’Antoine Hennion[1], prenant en 2008 la suite du séminaire « Aimer la musique » (1997-2008). Conduit avec J.-M. Fauquet, G. Teil, puis J.-L. Tornatore, en collaboration avec l’ÉNS,… More about »