Markets in society: dynamics of concern and valuation process

The markets are emerging today as a major form of social organization. It is impossible to study the slightest « social fact » without encountering the multitude of markets that cross it. Beyond the divide between the promotion of market instruments as a solution to social and environmental problems and the critique of marketization, the approach developed by the CSI analyzes the plurality of forms of the political inscription in market exchange. It emphasizes the dynamics of “concern” leading to the integration of political and moral issues into the functioning of markets and the valuation processes, which extends the world of economy to new entities.

Research carried out at the CSI covers areas marked by the strong link between economics and politics, such as the use of market instruments in environmental policies, the formulation of prices in the health sector, and the use of natural resources for economic development purposes. This research aims to deepen the analysis of the role of market mechanisms. Two examples of projects can be cited. A recent project on the construction sector highlights the ambivalence of labels that are equally being used to oil the wheels of the market machine and to introduce space and resources for political action. Another project, in collaboration with Canadian, Dutch and Brazilian researchers, explores the controversies surrounding drugs for rare diseases by analyzing the price as an epistemic and political object.

Beyond market research, the CSI has a broader interest in the economic valuation processes such as, for example, the “capitalization” processes that transform various entities into investment objects. Assetization is observable today in areas as varied as biomedical innovation, infrastructures, natural resources, scientific production or public policies. In this latter area, Social Impact Bonds are a telling example. A doctoral research, currently carried out at the CSI in partnership with an association, examines this particular device that transforms social projects into investment projects by questioning how it redraws the boundaries between social and finance.


Chaire industrie minérale et territoire [Chair Mineral Industry and Territory]

Prescrire et modéliser les travaux de rénovation énergétique selon les classes de DPE – Économie socio-technique d’un instrument d’action publique (Premoclasse)

Social Pharmaceutical Innovation for Unmet Medical Needs (SPIN)

Quantification, Administrative Capacity and Democracy (QUAD)

Socio-économie des publications scientifiques (SEPS)

PhD theses:

Victoria Brun, Les formes de valorisation de la recherche / The forms of valuation of research

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Abdoulaye Diaw, La construction du marché du vrac contemporain en France / The construction of the contemporary bulk market in France

Clément Gasull, Les dispositifs socio-techniques des blockchains : innovation, valorisation et controverses / The social and technical setups of blockchains: innovation, valuation and controversies

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Mathilde Pelizzarri, La Politique des Social Impact Bonds / The Social Impact Bond Policy

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Alexandre Violle, Constituer un territoire de gouvernement pour la finance : enquête sur l’expertise de supervision au sein de l’Union bancaire européenne / Constituting the territory of government for finance : an inquiry into the construction of the expertise in risk supervision within the European Banking Union


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