Public Affairs and Innovation

Teaching team: Liliana Doganova and Brice Laurent

The minor programme in Public Affairs and Innovation

The minor in “Public affairs and Innovation” provides the students with training in the analysis of the political dimensions of technical innovation. The training develops theoretical and practical skills in domains such as the use of trade instruments in public policies (carbon market, health tariff reform, etc.), public choices regarding the valuation of innovation (performance assessment of the ecotechnologies, pricing of medications for rare diseases, etc.), risk management by technical-regulatory tools (traceability of agro-industrial products, market regulation regarding chemical substances, etc.), or consultation procedures (organization of public debates on infrastructure projects, relationships between a firm and its stakeholders, etc.).

These activities are now part of the daily work of an engineer holding a position of responsibility within a firm, an administration, international organizations or within the voluntary sector. Their goal is the management of public affairs characterized uncertainties regarding the development of technologies and markets, problems at the interface between an organization and its stakeholders (regulators, investors, users, concerned public), and also by the increasing connection between the public and private sectors, and between the national, European and international scales of government. These activities require the combination of technical mastery of innovation with a fine understanding of its political implications relating, in particular, to relationships with civil society and to the organization of economic exchanges.

The training provided is meeting the increasing demand for engineers able to contribute their technical skills to projects at the interface between industrial development, regulation and the management of the stakeholders’ expectations. This is particularly of value for careers in public affairs, institutional relations or in business strategies, consulting business, public administrations, international organizations, big NGOs, or in social science research.

To find out more about the minor programme in PAI:

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Student projects

Every year in June, the students enrolled in the Minor in Public Affairs and Innovation (API) defend their end-of-studies projects. Under the supervision of CSI researchers, the students use the operational or research work they have carried out during their final internships to analyze a public affairs issue relating to the political dimensions of technical activities.

Presentation of the projects carried out by the API students:

Projects carried out in 2018

Projects carried out in 2017

Projects carried out in 2016


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