The Center for the Sociology of Innovation held on October 23, 2023 a day-long tribute to Bruno Latour.

Bruno Latour has left a considerable intellectual legacy, many milestones of which he set during his twenty-five years at the CSI, where he was, in turn and in his own way, an anthropologist of science and technology, a political theologian and an investigative philosopher. During this event, members of the CSI, Bruno Latour’s companions along the way and researchers whom he has inspired or baffled will continue their conversation with his work.

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The event in videos, texts, drawings and pictures

”It is not a rewinding of the past that we are proposing… Rather, it is a walk we are going to take…”

Panel 1

Madeleine Akrich, Simon Schaffer, Dominique Pestre, John Law, Michel Callon

Bruno Latour’s long-time companions will reflect on the collective adventure that led to the renewal of STS.

Panel 2

Antoine Hennion, Isabelle Stengers, Didier Debaise, Bruno Karsenti, Fabian Muniesa

Bruno Latour philosopher? The speakers will continue their dialogue on science, economics, art and religion.

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Panel 3

Liliana Doganova, Kristin Asdal, François Thoreau, Noortje Marres, Brice Laurent, Béatrice Cointe & Léone-Alix Mazaud

Following the thread of Bruno Latour’s work from laboratory ethnography to Gaïa, the speakers will question ways of investigating nature.

Panel 4

Clément Marquet, Roman Solé-Pomies, Jean Goizauskas & Solène Sarnowski, David Pontille & Jérôme Denis, Christelle Gramaglia, Morgan Meyer, Dominique Vinck

Investigate not only the substance of things and beings, but also their subsistance: the speakers will mobilize this maxim in discussing wine,  maintenance,  low tech and the figure of the attached inhabitant.

This day of tribute was an occasion to associate Bruno Latour’s name with a book collection from the Ecole des mines library, hitherto known as the “STS collection”, of which he is a prime instigator. This collection has now been renamed ”Fonds Bruno Latour – Mines Paris”.

by Alexandre Mallard

”The history of this collection, resulting from an encounter between a philosopher and the daughter of a major industrialist, will not come as a complete surprise to those who have read Bruno Latour’s book Les microbes, Guerre et Paix (Métailié, 1984) [The Pasteurization of France, Harvard University Press, 1988], dedicated to Louis Pasteur’s discoveries.”

by Florence Paterson and Clarisse Pradel. Scriptopolis

The history of the Fonds Bruno Latour Mines-Paris holds its share of mystery…

Documentary film by Clément Foutrel and Morgan Meyer

by Morgan Meyer and Clément Foutrel