Béatrice Cointe, CNRS Bronze Medal 2024

Béatrice Cointe

CNRS Bronze Medal 2024

The CSI is pleased to announce that Béatrice Cointe, CNRS researcher at i3 and the CSI, has been awarded the CNRS Bronze Medal 2024.

Each year, the CNRS rewards the men and women who have contributed the most to its influence and to the advancement of research. The bronze medal rewards the first work of researchers who are specialists in their field. This distinction represents an encouragement from CNRS to pursue research that is well under way and is already fruitful.

Béatrice Cointe joined the Interdisciplinary Innovation Institute (i3) as a member of the CSI in 2019. She is also a professor at the Centre de formation sur l’environnement et la société (CERES, ENS-PSL), an interdisciplinary teaching platform for environmental science, since September 2022.

Béatrice holds a PhD in sociology from EHESS (2014), which focused on the emergence of photovoltaic technologies and markets in France since the 2000s. She has been a postdoc at TIK Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture at the University of Oslo, as part of the ERC project “Enacting the Good Economy: Biocapitalization and the Little Tools of Valuation”. 

Her research explore the relations between environmental concerns and the organisation of the economy through studies of the concrete mechanisms articulating the production of knowledge and political action on environmental entities. Relying on the ethnography of science, sociology of economics and socio-historical analysis, she is currently investigating the production of energy and climate scenarios from the 1970s to the latest IPCC report, and their role in defining the climate issue. Her latest publications focus on the history of the 1.5°C target (with Hélène Guillemot), on the debates surrounding technological change in global models (with Christophe Cassen), on the absence of degrowth scenarios in the IPCC databases (with Antonin Pottier), and on the practical challenges of building databases to collect the mitigation scenarios assessed by the IPCC.

Congratulations to Béatrice !

Photo credit: Tamas Bisztray.