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European Objects

The Troubled Dreams of Harmonization

by Brice Laurent

How interventions based on objects—including chemicals, financial products, and consumer goods—offer a path to rethink European integration. […]

Rethinking Music through Science and Technology Studies

Edited by Antoine Hennion & Christophe Levaux

This volume seeks to offer a new approach to the study of music through the lens of recent works in science and technology studies (STS), which propose that facts are neither absolute truths, nor completely relative, but emerge from an intensely collective process of construction. Applied to the study of music, this approach enables us to reconcile the human, social, factual, and technological aspects of the musical world, and opens the prospect of new areas of inquiry in musicology and sound studies. […]

Sur la trace des suspects

L’incorporation de la preuve et de l’indice à l’ère de la génétique

edited by Joëlle Vailly

We are pleased to announce the publication of this new book at Editions de la Maison des sciences de l’homme to which Vololona Rabeharisoa and Florence Paterson have contributed.

The use of genetic data in the police and justice system has developed spectacularly over the last thirty years. Based on interviews, observation of trials and the examination of documents, this book analyses the social and legal issues of these innovations in France. The authors study the daily practices of […]


Kean Birch & Fabian Muniesa (Eds.)

How the asset—anything that can be controlled, traded, and capitalized as a revenue stream—has become the primary basis of technoscientific capitalism.

The open access edition of this book was made possible by generous funding from Arcadia – a charitable fund […]

Labelling the Economy. Qualities and Values in Contemporary Markets

Labelling the Economy

Qualities and Values in Contemporary Markets

Brice Laurent & Alexandre Mallard (Eds.)

This collected volume analyses labelling as a political and economic operation. It gathers contributions that focus on various domains, including the agri-food sector, the construction sector, eco-labelling, retail, health public policies and the energy sector, considering the use of labels […]

The Routledge Companion to Actor-Network Theory

Book edited by Anders Blok, Ignacio Farias andCelia Roberts, with contributions from CSI researchers, Fabian Muniesa, David Pontille, Liliana Doganova and Jérôme Denis.

This companion explores ANT as an intellectual practice, tracking its movements and engagements with a wide range of other academic and activist projects. Showcasing the work of a diverse set of ‘second generation’ ANT scholars from around the world, it highlights the exciting depth and breadth of contemporary ANT and its future possibilities.

A new issue of PRAGMATA. Pragmatism, Politics and Social Sciences: New Explorations

The second issue of Pragmata, entitled « Pragmatisme, politique et sciences sociales : nouvelles explorations » [“Pragmatism, Politics and Social Sciences: New Explorations”], opens a series of three issues devoted to politics.

In addition to the sections “Articles”, “Translation”, “Interview” and “Reviews”, readers will find two new sections, with contributions by researchers from the CSI.

Le design : l’objet dans l’usage

Le design : l’objet dans l’usage. La relation objet-usage-usager dans le travail de trois agences

A book by Sophie Dubuisson-Quellier and Antoine Hennion

Le design : l’objet dans l’usage [Design: the Object in Use. The Relation Object-Usage-User in the Work of Three Agencies], originally published at Presses des mines in 1998, is now reissued.