Study day

Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

at the Centre Internet & Société, 59-61 Rue Pouchet, à Paris 17e

Registration is required for this event

This study day is organized in the framework of the Digital Environmental Policies working group of the (GDR Internet, AI and Society, by Sylvain Bouveret (lecturer-researcher in computer science at Ensimag in Grenoble), Annabelle Collin (lecturer-researcher in mathematics at Enseirb-Matmeca in Bordeaux), Clément Marquet (lecturer-researcher in sociology at Mines Paris-PSL), Alexandre Monnin (lecturer-researcher at ESC Clermont) and Sophie Quinton (researcher in computer science at INRIA Grenoble).

How can we teach about the environmental consequences of digital technology? Rather than a technical reflection on the eco-design of digital services, this study day proposes to discuss the challenges encountered when addressing with students the more global issues raised by the place of digital technologies in the climate and environmental crises. These issues require teachers to step away from the primary focus of their expertise to delve into other bodies of knowledge, which are not always easy to identify or to master. Moreover, the complexity and systemic nature of these problems confronts us with difficulties uncommonly encountered in digital education, such as uncertainty or even controversy around existing knowledge. Thus, the teacher’s posture but also the possible reactions of discomfort of students confronted with these issues raise many questions that deserve being discussed.

The objective of this event is therefore to share knowledge, questions and experiences regarding the teaching of the environmental consequences of digital technologies, whether it is taught by educators in the digital sciences or in the humanities and social sciences. Exchanges will focus as much on content, interdisciplinary issues and epistemological difficulties as on pedagogical experiences related to the  subject.

Photo source: DocChewbacca (2007). “Salauds !” (CC BY-SA 2.0)