Debating racket in the oceans

“Racket in the Oceans” is the title of workshop series at the Interdisciplinary Institute on Innovation and the Observatory for Responsible Innovation, part of a wider a research and policy project coordinated by Héloïse Berkowitz and Hervé Dumez. As previously announced here and here, the purpose is to facilitate debate, contribute to policy measures and steer industry mobilization on the problem of underwater noise pollution.

A first workshop, to be held on 9 February 2016 in Paris, will be focused on the issue of noise measurement (from sensors to procedures), with the following question in mind: which priorities should be supported and how they should be promoted?

A second workshop, to be held on 10 March 2016,will present a state of the art on the knowledge of impacts on marine life (mammals, fish, invertebrates, etc.). A third workshop will tackle the hot topic of technical, managerial and economic innovative solutions to marine sound problems, and will be organized in early April. These workshops will result in a position paper that will synthesize the three topics and will provide best practices and guidelines on marine sound management. This position paper will be presented during an international conference in September 2016.

Workshop series details available here.


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