Policy reports and academic publications

Responsible innovation in finance

M. Armstrong, G. Cornut, S. Delacôte, M. Lenglet, Y. Millo, F. Muniesa, A. Pointier & Y. Tadjeddine (2012), “Towards a practical approach to responsible innovation in finance: New Product Committees revisited”, Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance 20(2): 147-168. [Publisher Link]

F. Muniesa & M. Lenglet (2013), “Responsible innovation in finance: directions and implications”, in R. Owen, J. Bessant & M. Heintz (eds.), Responsible Innovation: Managing the Responsible Emergence of Science and Innovation in Society, Chichester, Wiley: 185-198. [Publisher Link]

F. Muniesa (2012), “Responsibility in financial innovation: retooling New Product Committees”, Risk & Regulation 23: 18-19. [Publisher Link]

Responsible innovation in built-in renewable energy

E. Boxenbaum, B. Laurent & A. Lacoste, eds. (2013), Nouvelles énergies pour la ville du futur, Paris, Presses des Mines. [Publisher Link] [Open Access]

Responsible innovation in information technology

C. Rizza & L. Draetta (2014), “The “silence of the chips” concept: towards an ethics(-by-design) for IoT”, International Review of Information Ethics 22: 23-31. [Publisher Link]

Responsible innovation in ocean engineering

H. Berkowitz & H. Dumez, eds. (2017), Racket in the oceans: why underwater noise matters, how to measure it and how to manage it, Palaiseau: École Polytechnique. [Open Access]

Debating Innovation (online magazine, 2011-2014)

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Volume 2: 2012

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Volume 4: 2014

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