Responsible Innovation in Digital Identity

There is certainly no shortage of hot issues in the digital identity landscape today: from authentication conundrums to the prospect of security breakdown, from legal battles for privacy to the unintended consequences of big data business, from the frailty of political sovereignty to the possibility of digital authoritarian control. How can these and comparable problems be best debated? How can they be taken into account within the innovation process proper?

In order to tackle these issues, the Observatory for Responsible Innovation is joining forces in 2019 with the newly created research RD-ID (Responsibility for Digital IDentity) chair on responsibility for digital identity (“RD-ID”) at Télécom Paris, led by Valérie Fernandez and Laura Draetta, with the participation of Marie Alauzen. From the initiative’s January 2019 press release: “Scientific research is developed in combination with the formation of an interdisciplinary policy discussion group. Counting on the participation of actors from scientific, industrial and institutional arenas, this think tank will constitute a space for debate and for the production of policy input for responsible digital identity.”

Working group

  • Lead coordinators:
  • ● Valérie Fernandez (Télécom Paris, i3 CNRS UMR 9217, Chaire RD-ID)
  • ● Laura Draetta (Télécom Paris, i3 CNRS UMR 9217, Chaire RD-ID)
  • ● Marie Alauzen (Télécom Paris, i3 CNRS UMR 9217, Chaire RD-ID)
  • Members:
  • ● Séverine Arsène (Sciences Po)
  • ● Emmanuel Bloch (Thales Group, & Université Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas)
  • ● Raphaël de Cormis (Thales Group)
  • ● Mathieu Cunche (INSA Lyon)
  • ● Jim Dratwa (European Commission, & Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
  • ● Frédéric Duflot (OpenLaw)
  • ● Lionel Fouillen (DINSIC, France)
  • ● Francesca Musiani (CNRS, Centre internet et société, & Internet Society France)
  • ● Marc Relieu (Télécom Paris, i3 CNRS UMR 9217)
  • ● Romain Santini (Agence nationale de sécurité des systèmes d’information, France)
  • ● Christoph Siegelin (Thales Group)



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