Responsible Innovation in Built-in Renewable Energy

A dedicated working group was hosted at the Observatory for Responsible Innovation in Paris in 2012 and 2013 with the purpose of addressing responsibility and irresponsibility in innovation at the interface between renewable energy and architecture, with a focus on “built-in renewable energy”, i.e. the integration of renewable energy in buildings. The working group, led by Eve Boxenbaum and Brice Laurent, brought in different viewpoints (members included Eva Boxenbaum, Brice Laurent, Nicolas Lermant, Emmanuel Tual, Jean-François Guillemoles, Claire Le Renard-Lecointe, François Vauglin).

Main achievements consisted in the organization of an international stakeholder conference in November 2012 (see program here and video footage here), and the publication of the edited book Nouvelles énergies pour la ville du futur, available here and here from Presses des Mines.

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