Loïc Riom

PhD Candidate

  • Presentation

Thesis title: The making musical quality.
Valuation, prescription and expertise in the worlds of music

Supervisor: Antoine Hennion

In the last decade, music worlds have undergone great changes in terms of technology, economy and practices. This research aims to describe how these transformations have changed music valuation, understood both as pricing and appraisal. This will involve tracking music in order to grasp the different prescriptions and expertise that shape its circulation. In other words, I start from the hypothesis that the making of music value is equipped, leaves traces and calls for the production and the circulation of objects. Such a perspective will allow me to describe the inscription of music value into sociotechnical agencements. For this purpose, I shall examine how collectives of heterogeneous actants produce expertise on music, and then circulate it within the worlds of art through multiple forms of prescription. In doing so I investigate the dynamics of the latter values that convey singular visions of music.