Benjamin Loveluck (CERSA)

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Benjamin Loveluck

Le petit chat est mort

Dimensions numériques d’une mobilisation liée à la cause animale

The kitten is dead. Numerical dimensions of a mobilization related to the animal cause

Benjamin Loveluck, Lecturer in sociology at Télécom Paris, IP Paris and associate researcher at Centre d’Études et de Recherches de Sciences Administratives et Politiques – CERSA (CNRS-Paris 2)

This work focuses on the mobilization that took place after the discovery of the mutilated corpse of a cat in a street of the historical center of Draguignan (Var). It involves first the creation of Facebook pages and of a petition on which collected over 265 000 signatures and became one of the ten largest of the platform for the year 2017. Other forms of collective action also took place, in particular physical gatherings, as well as a want of direct punitive action. The survey focuses mainly on activity in the “backstage” digital spaces set up, and combines several types of empirical materials. It shows the articulation between traditional news media (the regional daily press), a local social fabric of interconnections, associative networks, digital platforms and different collective action online and offline repertoires. It also shows the uncertain dynamics of construction of a public issue from a moral indignation – here related to animal cause – and the skills developed by the actors in the conduct and moderation of online interactions.

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i3 seminar “Analysis of online participation”

The “Analysis of Online Participation” (APeL) seminar aims to develop reflection on approaches to the use of data about the online usage and participation. The seminar is a place for researchers from various backgrounds to meet and exchange knowledge, practices and know-how. At each session, the seminar guests present and discuss the “making of” of one of their researches: construction of the survey, specificities of the data engineering implemented, tools for capturing / building corpora, analysis strategies and tools used, etc.

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Date: February 4, 2021, from 10:30 to 12:30

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Photo source: EHESS-Canal U, 2015